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High Times in Jacksonville

February 18, 2013 // Pump // 5 Comments

For my birthday, A-Flizzle surprised me with a trip to Jacksonville for a weekend of good food, good times, and great friends. It was such a surprise! I never saw it coming. I was all, “Hey, I’m going to work” […]

A Tale of Two Pumps

January 24, 2011 // Pump // 5 Comments

Once upon a time, in the land of Diabetes, there was a person named Martin. This stunningly handsome and striking specimen of a man had endured the variety of ways to treat and manage the kingdom of Diabetes his entire […]

A Pain in the Abdomen

January 10, 2011 // Pump // 5 Comments

Some days diabetes is, for all intensive purposes, easy. Blood sugars stay in range, we feel good, no infusion sets go bad, and we can eat whatever we want, dose accurately, and live happily ever after. And then there are […]

Holidays with the BG’s

December 20, 2010 // Pump // No Comments

You know what’s fun? Christmas shopping. Finding that perfect gift for a family member, loved one, friend, boss, or frenemy that you’ve been waiting since last year to get back at during the White Elephant party. Yup, somebody is getting […]

Time for a Change

August 31, 2010 // Pump // 2 Comments

I remember the days of “timestamped injections” where I would take a specific dose of insulin at a specific time of day with no special considerations for what I might have been eating or doing at the time. I also […]

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