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Team Type 1 and Life With Diabetes

July 12, 2012 // Friends For Life // 8 Comments

Friends For Life is not just for children with diabetes. It isn’t just for adults with diabetes. It is also for parents, grandparents, siblings, significant others, and friends of people with diabetes. Friends For Life is for those who need […]

Friends For Life 2012

July 8, 2012 // Friends For Life // 4 Comments

The world is full of both extroverts and introverts; individuals who gain energy and fulfillment through being around and engaging groups of people, as well as individuals who thrive better when they have time to themselves and are not as […]

Diabetes Supreme

June 28, 2012 // Advocacy // 3 Comments

Today there is cause for people with type 1 diabetes and other pre-existing conditions to celebrate. The Supreme Court ruling confirms that people with diabetes (PWDs) will retain protection from insurance discrimination, and parents can rest easier knowing that their […]

Bullets: Rat-a-tat Tat

June 25, 2012 // D-Nonsense // 2 Comments

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. And working. And traveling some more. If my counting is correct, this past weekend was my 8th trip somewhere out of town in the last two months, after weeks of prepping for said travel, […]

Progress Takes Time

November 28, 2011 // NHBPM // 5 Comments

National Health Blog Post Month, Day 28: Say WHAT?! What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about health or your condition? Was there any context? What did you think at the time you heard it – and what do you […]

Bummin’ Around

November 18, 2011 // NHBPM // 6 Comments

National Health Blog Post Month, Day 18: A comment as a blog post. Pick someone else’s post (from the past or from today) and write a comment to them. Write that comment as your blog post for today. Link back […]

Unconscionable Numeracy

September 30, 2011 // Perspective // 6 Comments

Last week at the 6th Annual Education Forum on Diabetes Prevention & Management conference, I witnessed clinical healthcare professionals learning and sharing about the impact of diabetes, issues from the patient perspective, issues from the healthcare professional perspective, and enough […]

The Day After

September 11, 2011 // Perspective // 2 Comments

I’ve been perusing news articles, blog posts, tweets, Facebook, TV and radio observing the reflections of a day ten years ago when terror struck on September 11, 2001. The impact of four commercial planes full of innocent people, heroic people, […]

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