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The Case for CGM

July 3, 2014 // CGM // No Comments

It can be extremely difficult to get an insurance company to cover the costs of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. The excuses that these holdout insurance companies provide as to why they don’t want to cover CGM are becoming less […]

Briar Patch

February 7, 2013 // Perspective // 2 Comments

I’m not perfect. There, I said it. The past few days have been a rollercoaster of educational opportunities and lessons learned for me. It’s as if I’m stuck in the Robert Frost poem about two trails diverging in the woods, […]

Fortune of Fate

October 27, 2011 // Perspective // 4 Comments

The other day I had a hankering for Chinese take out. Sure, it might not be the healthiest food of all the choices out there, but sometimes you just have to indulge. For the record, I did make three meals […]

Bringing Science Home

October 12, 2011 // Advocacy // One Comment

Lately, I’ve been zig-zagging all over the place. One such zig-zag took me to the 1-year anniversary celebration of Bringing Science Home, a joint effort between USF Health and The Patterson Foundation that aims to revolutionize what it means to […]

A Little Extra

August 31, 2011 // Advocacy // 3 Comments

I was having a discussion with a friend recently, and we were toying with the idea of what we would do if we won the lottery. What would we do if all of a sudden we went from our typical […]


July 25, 2011 // DSMA // One Comment

Every Thursday night Diabetes Social Media Advocacy Live (DSMA Live) comes online, where various topics relating to diabetes are discussed. Last week, the special guest was Professor Jean Claude Mbanya, President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). He spoke about […]

What I’ve Overcome

June 13, 2011 // Perspective // 2 Comments

Fireflight is a band that you’ve probably never heard of, so I hope you’ll humor me for a moment and let me give you an introduction. A Florida-based Christian rock band, Fireflight has put out three albums of music that […]

May Day Reflection

May 6, 2011 // Perspective // 5 Comments

Sunday night I was running behind schedule. I was scrambling to finish laundry, pack, gather my diabetes supplies, and get everything together for a last minute business trip to New York. Then my phone chirped with a text message: “Turn […]

Into Me See

April 6, 2011 // HAWMC // 3 Comments

The term “intimacy” is something usually reserved for romantic situations, emotions and secrets best shared in the dark, by candlelight, maybe with Barry White or Marvin Gaye lending their vocal stylings to the mood, and cookies on the nightstand…you know, […]

No Cure For Stupid

April 4, 2011 // HAWMC // 3 Comments

I see headlines from time to time touting various ways to “reverse your diabetes” and “cure your diabetes once and for all.” I’m not of the “diabetes is a temporary situation” camp. For Type 2 diabetics, symptoms may subside and […]

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