Blueberry Muffin (photo by Minimalist Photography on Flickr)

Sitting On My Desk For Breakfast

This morning I got to work and went through my usual routine. Laptop was running slow, scouring the internet for every update it could find. Had a hot pot of Colombian coffee brewing. Had a blueberry muffin sitting on my desk for breakfast.

I checked my blood sugar, coming in at 161 mg/dl. Not horrible, a little higher than my target, but I’ll take it. Went ahead and combo bolused for the correction and for the blueberry muffin for breakfast. Trying to get better at bolusing 15-30 minutes before eating, so I took a few minutes to check the news and weather from my iPad. Weather said today would see a high in the 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit range. Chilly for north Florida, but it beats the snow. Coffee was done brewing, so I went and got me a cup, and chatted with my coworkers. Blueberry muffin still sitting on my desk for breakfast.

Got back to my office and saw that I had new voicemail on my work phone. I had two messages from eager vendors wanting me to buy stuff from them that I’m not yet convinced that I need. Laptop was still doing its update thing, so I couldn’t get into my files yet to figure out what my next steps were going to be with the vendors. Instead, I cleared off a spot on my desk to set up my new keyboard dock and charger for my iPad. Makes a great backup, and much easier to produce content from my iPad when I have a keyboard than without it. Coffee was hot and delicious as I got everything situated where it was supposed to be. Blueberry muffin was unassuming, sitting on my desk for breakfast.

I’m a sticky note person, and I think they breed like rabbits in my office when I’m not looking. There are sticky notes everywhere. It’s colorful chaos. To make room for my iPad keyboard dock and put it in a place on my desk where I can actually use it, I had to go through probably 40 sticky notes that had accumulated on my desk. I kept about five, just to be safe, and threw the rest away…I mean, recycled them. Blueberry muffin was being resilient, sitting on my desk for breakfast.

Finally my laptop decided it would show up for work and stop with the updates, and I was able to get into my email folders and files and start looking into the vendor proposals. One of them contained a list of a few hundred titles that needed reviewing before I could make a decision as to whether I needed them or not. Usually I know what I need better than the vendors do, but the offer includes one of those end of the year sales, and I love a good deal. Meanwhile, as I’m crunching numbers and having a good ol’ time in my spreadsheets, blueberry muffin was sitting on my desk for breakfast.

It got to be mid-morning or a little later, and I was cranky. Why didn’t my coffee work this morning? I’m going to upgrade to Italian Dark Roast if this Colombian good stuff doesn’t get its caffeinated act together. Why can’t I think clearly? How come I’m fighting the urge to bite someone’s (anyone’s) head off?

…wait a tick…

Blueberry muffin sitting on my desk for breakfast…great. I bolused and forgot to eat. Stupid. BG was 45 mg/dl. CGMS finally bit the dust after six days this morning, so it couldn’t tell me what was happening. And I was just working away, dum-dee-dum, completely oblivious.

I will get better at pre-bolusing, and that is just one aspect of my diabetes that I want to get better at. My BG’s have been all over the board lately, and I have been on the glucoaster way too much. I’m a perfectionist, and I have a strict idea of what “control” is for my diabetes, but even so I fear my A1C is going to be horrific tomorrow morning when I have my endo appointment. But, that’s diabetes, and that’s life. I can’t carry the blame all the time. I shouldn’t have gotten carried away with work, but I love my work, and it happens.

But I tell you this, the next blueberry muffin I get will be getting a stern talking to if it decides to remain quiet after 30 minutes of sitting on my desk for breakfast!

Blueberry Muffin (photo by Minimalist Photography on Flickr)


  1. I have done this plenty of times in the past, so don’t feel stupid. One thing you can do is set an alarm or countdown clock time on your iphone or whatever phone you have to beep after your insulin dosage wait-time. It has helped me before when I’m having a busy, running-around-with-my-head-chopped-off morning.

  2. As I am reading this, I am yelling at the computer screen like I was watching a bad horror movie and I’m trying desperately to get you to eat the muffin. And yet, I know you can’t hear me or go back in time to change what happened. I giggled when I realized what I was doing. I’m glad everything turned out ok!

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