Questioning Diabetes

I have questions about it every single day. People without it have questions. People who are new to it have questions. Parents of children with it have questions. Everybody wants to know…what’s up with diabetes?

HAWMC - Day 8

The #HAWMC blog post challenge for today is to “write a poem where every line is a health question.” Because diabetes often has no rhyme or reason, I figure my poem full of questions should be somewhat similar in lack of sense. I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone new to diabetes, and all the questions that must come with being diagnosed, whether you are an independent adult, a parent, or even a child. So here goes…


What is this thing called diabetes?
And what is with all of these Types?
My doctor says I should be grateful, but why do I still want to gripe?

What is the deal with these numbers?
And what do they all really mean?
I log all this data for everything, but why am I sucking at winning?

Why are my hands so shaky?
And why do I feel awfully drab?
I’m learning that this is low blood sugar, so where are my glucose tabs?!

Why am I peeing near constant?
And why do my thoughts feel like they’re in Jell-O?
If this is what high really feels like, can I just tell it to go on to hell-o?

Does anyone ever get the hang of this?
And will it haunt me the rest of my life?
Or will I be able to do everything I’ve ever dreamed of still…maybe even do it twice?


Photo by SMJJP (Flickr)

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