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Get Well Soon

On Sunday I slept in a bit, made my way to the gym for spin class around mid-afternoon, then over to the coffee shop to spend the rest of the afternoon on the computer and getting caffeinated. It’s kind of my thing.

As the afternoon slipped by, I finally remembered that I needed to go get a “Get Well Soon” card. On a Sunday in the deep south, stores start closing at 5:30pm…6:00pm if you’re lucky. I dashed across the street to the drugstore to see if they had a card that would meet my needs. After browsing up and down the aisle, I finally found a small selection of “Get Well Soon” cards, most of which were either short novels or gave the impression that the person the card was for really wasn’t going to make it. How does a drugstore not have a surplus of cheerful “Get Well Soon” cards?

That just would not do. I was looking for a card for someone special. The card I wanted had a very particular purpose.

Ninjabetic - Aunt Addie Tweet

I decided, rather than play leapfrog from store to store looking for one that would work, I’d skip all the aggravation and head directly to the source of “Get Well Soon” card bliss: Hallmark.

I called the only Hallmark in town, and a gentleman named Trey answered. I was really just calling to find out what time they closed, since it was already 5:30pm and if they were closed I didn’t want to waste my time driving all the way across town. Fortune was on my side however, and I had just enough time to get there before the store closed in 30 minutes.

Then something happened that blew me away: Trey asked me what I was looking for. I told him that I was looking for a special “Get Well Soon” card, and the situation, and when I arrived at the Hallmark he had a selection of about eight cards that he had pulled that he thought would work best. Then we narrowed it down to three, and I bought them all.

It is a rare and delightful moment when someone goes so far above and beyond what they have to do for their job. All he really had to do was tell me they closed at six and point me toward the plethora of “Get Well Soon” cards that lined an entire wall of the store. Instead, he took the time and cared enough to not only help me find a “Get Well Soon” card, but to also help me find the RIGHT “Get Well Soon” card.

This post isn’t about diabetes really. It is about our diabetes online community though, supporting each other, and the pleasant surprises that happen along the way. Good things beget good things.


  1. It makes me wonder if Trey has diabetes since most of the best people I know have it!

    Thank you so much for doing this Martin. My Aunt Addie is going to love it!

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