Diabetes Art Day 2011 - Family

The Big & Small of Diabetes

Diabetes is sometimes larger than life.

Big Prescriptions

There are all these really BIG prescriptions, written with really BIG pens.

Big Fingersticks

Then you've got all these BIG tests you have to take.

Big Pizza

Sometimes you get to eat really BIG food.

Big Shots

But then you have to take really BIG shots.

Big Success

And if you do it right, you end up a BIG success.

All the BIG things that go along with diabetes are important, but it helps to remember the small stuff too.

As A-Flizzle reports…

I think most people would consider me creative, but not artistic. I love crafts, but I also like detailed instructions on how to get it “just like the picture.” What can I say? I have OCD and am a type A personality to a tee. Nevertheless, I was very excited when Martin asked me to participate in Diabetes Art Day and make something that expressed how I feel about being a Type Awesome. I feel like the whole undertaking of the craft project brought us closer together and, of course, was so much fun!

Diabetes Art Day 2011 - Family
This is what I consider my “family” (featuring Martin’s dog, Hopper, but absent my dog, Bindi and Martin’s cat, Squirt) and how sometimes I feel like Martin is in a bubble with his diabetes, where he takes on too much all on his own and no matter how supportive I am (as evidenced by my “Good Job” ribbons) there will be some things I just can’t and don’t “get.” This is perfectly okay, but a hard pill for me to swallow, as I am a fixer and like to take care of people. In the end, I think we are both continuously working to pop the bubble and find a greater understanding that while it’s his disease, we are in this together.


  1. What an awesome line of photos! That huge-arse syringe was a great addition, especially after following that massively huge box of pizza! And A-Flizzle: love your crafty family there and love how the partner/teamwork message in there! Thanks for the great artsy teamwork for D-Art Day.

  2. That’s just brilliant! Your photo sequence is hilarious! I am so impressed with that injection, lol!!! And the figures and the narrative… well, they’re really powerful. It’s interesting to see the perspectives of the people in our lives this way. It seems like y’all had a really great experience doing this, which makes me so, so happy 🙂

    Thanks for jumping into this with such energy and creativity, and thank you for all you did to help get others involved and excited about it. I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. oh wow you guys rocked it! martin, your pics are HILARIAWESOME! the syringe is especially impressive!

    and a-flizzle, i looooove your narrative to go along with your figurine family. i so totally get that.

    thank you both for sharing your creativity!!

  4. I’m so happy you posted both perspectives. My Type Awesome and I talked about it a bit and I’m still hoping to sneak in some art time tonight. It was interesting to hear him articulate how he feels about diabetes in comparison to how he supports me living with it. If I don’t get art out of him, maybe I can coerce a guest post sometime….

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