Halloween Howl 2011

Just One Little Touch


For Halloween this year, A-Flizzle and I joined some friends for the Halloween Howl at the Tallahassee Museum. There was a Not-So-Spooky Trail for the kids full of inflatable Halloween ghouls and ghosts, dinosaurs constructed out of junked car parts, as well as animals that were so accustomed to humans that they would come right up to the fence to say hello. I loved it! (And maybe I want to go back during the daytime so I can play with the animals. Just sayin’.)

There was a haunted trail for the more mature crowd, which was really well done. They had folks walk in groups of 4-6 people through a dark and winding forest, and all of a sudden you would turn around and there would be some evil beastie following closely just waiting to get a squeal out of you. Not that I squealed…much…I mean…that was all A-Flizzle. Honest.

The zombie maze was also a highlight. Imagine zigging and zagging your way through a loud, gory fright fest full of brain-hungry zombies everywhere. EVERYWHERE! They were on the ground, in the passageways, chasing humans, chasing each other, agitated because they were trapped behind some obstacle. It was awesome!

After the Halloween Howl, we all decided to go to one of our favorite pizza joints in town and have dinner. I don’t typically hide my diabetes, but at the same time, when we’re hanging out with friends that haven’t spent a significant time around me and my life with diabetes, I try to not make too much of a spectacle of it either.

A-Flizzle had thrown my blood sugar kit in her purse, and after we sat down at our table, I reached my hand over and gently touched her leg with my finger. No words. No look. Not even a break in conversation. Just one little touch. Two seconds later I had a BG kit in my hands and was checking the status of things.

A-Flizzle is great for a lot of reasons. We laugh a lot, we have adventures together, and she tolerates my dog who may or may not leak a little when he gets excited. While we are always there for each other, she still gives me my space and independence. I’ll be the first to admit that I am too independent for my own good, and she would agree, but she doesn’t hold that against me. She will carry my BG kit in her bag if I don’t have a [man] bag of my own to carry it around in, and she also carries four glucose tabs on her key chain everywhere she goes…just in case I need them.

Seriously? How many of you carry something on your key chain just in case somebody else needs it? A-Flizzle is boss. We should all be so lucky. I’m glad I am.

Halloween Howl 2011

This post was written as part of National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J

National Health Blog Post Month


  1. Martin –

    I think A-Flizzle might be the definition of a Type Awesome! I will admit that most of the reason why I want to come visit you guys is actually to see her 🙂

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