Cough Drops

One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Today is the fourth (or is it the fifth?) day of the flu. Or maybe it’s a cold. With fever. And sniffing and snorting. And a lot of coughing and inability to catch my breath. And not enough energy to last through the entire day. And having to call it at night at 9:30 on a Saturday night while my girlfriend and friends have enough energy to carry on through the evening. (Frustration…I haz it.)

Yeah, definitely the flu.

Being sick on top of living with diabetes is like being stuck inside a dark room with all of your senses scrambled up and not able to rely on any of them for worthwhile information. Nothing is as it seems.

For example, last night before bed I felt high. Dry mouth, thirsty, lethargic, just an overall sense of blah. BG check = 60. Definitely NOT high.

This morning, felt high again. Same symptoms. BG check = 49. Nope, not high then either.

(Side note: I sure will be glad when my Medtronic order goes through and I get my new CGM sensors.)

A-Flizzle and I went to see a musical show last night called Into The Woods. I thought after three days of riding the couch that I would be fine to go to a show. And it was a great show too, and the community musical theater near us did a phenomenal job. The first half of the musical, I was fine, enjoying the show, doing my thing. Then the cold meds wore off. During the second half, I had to escape out into the lobby at one point to have a coughing fit. Sugar free cough drops managed to hold the coughing somewhat in check until the audience applauded at the end of a song, when I was able to cough freely for a few seconds and mask my upper respiratory conundrum by the claps and hoots of the crowd. Thank goodness they were a lively audience!

By the way, sugar free cough drops have the same effect of all that sugar free candy we discovered when we were first diagnosed with diabetes and ate too much of, except they help you not to cough as much. But if you do cough, watch out! Just FYI, in case you ever need that tidbit of information.

Cough Drops

I hate having a million things to do and not having enough energy to actually do them. I’m trying to rest, and ignore the fact that I have three days (and probably 300) work emails to do something with on Monday, since I was out half of the week last week. I’m trying to stop looking around my house at all the things that I need to do, regretting that the three days I was out of work couldn’t have been spent on something more productive than laying in bed and trying to stop shivering.

I wonder if this whole being sick thing was because I actually got bombarded by germs, or if it was because I have been pushing myself too hard, trying to do too much at one time. How much of it just happened? And how much of it was my own dang fault? And why were all those fairytale people obsessed with wandering around in the woods at night anyway?

Maybe I shouldn’t blog while taking cold medicine.


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