Why You So Stubborn, Diabetes?

I think of myself as a typically optimistic person, especially when it comes to my diabetes, because really my life with diabetes is better when I’m able to cast it in a positive light. Even so, that doesn’t mean that I don’t spend a few days in the trough of a wave every once in awhile.

Today was one of those days. I didn’t sleep much over the weekend, so this morning I got up early and fed the dogs and then decided I would try to sleep a little bit longer, considering it was Sunday and all and I didn’t have to go to work or anything. About the time I got comfortable, some masochist with a lawnmower decided that 8:00am was a fine time to mow the grass next door. Seriously, how do you get up so early on a Sunday and think, “I’ll go mow the grass this morning.” Read the paper and have a cup of coffee for Pete’s sake. Have a whole pot if it tickles you. Just don’t go outside and crank up the mower and wake up the neighborhood! </rant>

I like to make a big breakfast at least one morning on the weekend. I’m doing good to get dressed and get to work on the weekdays, so Sunday mornings are my time to pause and enjoy the thrills of a pot (or two) of coffee, eggs, sausage or bacon, and Meet the Press with A-Flizzle. If you ordered that meal at Denny’s, it would be a Grand Slam Nerdy, and could you leave a carafe of coffee on the table please?

I found a little bit of Bisquick left in the fridge, which is weird because most people put that in the pantry, but I decided to use it up and make a couple of pancakes. I limited myself to just one pancake, the one that came out looking like it had been put in somebody’s pocket instead of in the skillet, because I didn’t want my blood sugar to go through the roof or anything crazy. And it didn’t. It just hovered around the stinkin’ penthouse suite all day long, making me real frustrated because it wouldn’t come back down to the lobby where all the normal BG’s hang out.

That was the only starch that I had on the day, and I hovered around 200 mg/dl all day long. Being used to running a BG of around 100 lately, I felt that 200 in full effect. I even resorted to rage bolusing, just throwing a max amount of insulin at it to try and get it to budge. We went to see Hunger Games with some friends, and I barely touched the popcorn. Then we went to dinner afterward, and I couldn’t even eat because I was so nauseous and thirsty from the stubborn high BG. Finally, after I got home and gave up, I started to sink back down to normal again.

Stubborn CGM

I ended up having to take over 100 units of insulin today to combat diabetes. That really, REALLY frustrates me, considering how a normal day for me (with carbs) is closer to 60 or 70. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have eaten that pancake, but there was no way of knowing that it would have been so stubborn all day long. The beauty of the conundrum is that it might not have even been the pancake. It could have been that my insulin lost its potency, or that I’m fighting off a virus of some kind, or that I was wearing green today instead of blue and my diabetes was offended. In other words, who knows?

Some of you may be reading this and thinking, “Wow, he’s got the diabetes real bad.” You may be thinking, “He really isn’t taking care of himself having to dose that much to get his blood sugars to cooperate.” You might even be thinking, “I would have been pissed too if that guy had woken me up with that damn lawnmower!” Or you might just be thinking, “Yup, been there, done that.” I’m convinced that some days diabetes has a mind of its own and does whatever it damn well pleases, regardless of what we try to do to “control” it.

Fighting back the tears, I was telling A-Flizzle about how frustrated it makes me when I feel like I have no control over what my body and diabetes has decided it wants to do. I hate feeling like I’m just strapped in and along for the ride, wherever it may take me. That is why I have the CGM, why I check my blood sugar on average 6-8 times a day, and why I try and count everything that goes in my mouth so that when I do make a mistake, hopefully it isn’t a complete disaster.

This situation is a good reminder to myself that we can do seemingly everything right in our lives with diabetes, from correct carb counting, insulin dosing, BG checking, and everything else, and yet we can still have those days where all of the pieces just refuse to fit together.

Tomorrow is a new day, with a new inset, and a fresh reservoir of insulin in my pump. So bring it beetus! I’ll be your Huckleberry.


  1. I was nodding when I read your post. Last night I had a high BG from pizza. I can so relate to the feeling of being in the trough. Highs like that drain the life out of us.

    Here’s your surf board. I found it next to mine. Let’s paddle out and catch the next wave. You can do this. Keep surfing. You’re not alone.

  2. Nodding head. Thinking “Been there too, had the same experience.” Today mine was so similar–BG hovered (more like sat down and refused to get up) at 150 despite tons of boluses and then rage boluses. Finally I removed the pump site, hard lump under my skin, all red and angry. Damn. Should have known better and sooner, but there it is. The D won the moment today, but it will not win the entire game. It is so tough sometimes…sending you all kinds of hugs and good thoughts for tomorrow. And so we keep on keeping on…

  3. OMGOSH!

    The same thing was happening to my kiddo on Saturday. 200. ALL. DAY.

    The cuprit: half a GF soft baked pretzel. HALF!!!!!!

    Glad you’re both back on track. Those days really throw me for a loop too!

  4. yeah i’m with you on the lawnmower man. the hum of our nabe has already started and those early sunday morning dude really tick me off.

    also, my kid had a similar sticky BG situation all weekend except it was 400s instead of 200s and we pulled out all the tricks. she’s back on track this week so we think she must have been fighting the flu her friend had. but jeez louise.

  5. Dude, try being a woman. This happens once every 28-32 days, thanks to my monthly friend coming to visit. A week before, I go sky high for almost no reason. Typical TDD is around 18-25 units, but I can use upwards of 35 units during that hellish, hormone-filled week before my period arrives. And that’s with keeping a total daily carb intake under 80 grams! The only good part is that the day my period starts, I can eat virtually whatever I want and, with basal alone, maintain a BG in the 80s. It’s weird.

  6. I had this about a month ago. For breakfast decided to have sultana bran instead of my usual wheatabix to ‘liven things up a bit’ – turns out diabetes wasn’t quite so excited, and my BG was running at 200+ for the rest of the day 😦 One time recently, however, it wass running at abot this all day and I did a set change – it started coming down straight away, so don’t know if there had been a slight blockage?
    Highs are the worst 😦 And I can relate to the popcorn/dinner story – I had to pass on apple pie the other day!
    Love reading your blog – keep posting, and hope it’s running better now 🙂


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