Last weekend A-Flizzle and I hit the road to go see a Typical Type 1 and a bevy of Bob’s. Along the way we were fed by 13 Gypsies, a Bob and I went for a solid 24 mile bike ride, we all witnessed a catastrophic Contagion, had some times that were a little low and a little high (BG-wise), and we even managed to snap a few pictures along the way.

Hydrate Yo Self
It's extremely important to stay hydrated at all times.
Martin Coffee Company
There is always my personal favorite way to stay hydrated. What? It had my name all over it.
Gourds Gone Wild
If you have too much though, things might get out of hand.
A-Flizzle and the Unicorn
Breakfast with two fairytale creatures: A unicorn and an A-Flizzle. What more could a PWD ask for?