Lake Ella at Dusk

No D-Day: Hit the Ground Running

Today, October 7, 2010 is “No D-Day”. The Diabetes Online Community is taking one single day away from diabetes. We will still be checking our BG’s, counting our carbs, dosing our insulin, and managing our diabetes, but we will not tweet about diabetes, we will not blog about diabetes, and we will not update Facebook about diabetes…for just one day. There is so much more to all of us than just diabetes. You can find all of the “No D-Day” posts on Twitter by searching for the the hashtag #noDday, or you can visit for a list with links. I hope you enjoy this and all of the “No D-Day” posts today, and perhaps one day we can make every day a…

No D Day

Running and I are not friends. Running is hurtful, vindictive, and immature, and even tries to make me jealous by playing so well with others. Running is a complete bully towards me. It hurts my left ankle that I cracked when I was a kid. It hurts my knees, which get sore from time to time, especially when I’m really training hard for cycling. Being honest, it really hurts all of my leg muscles. But last Friday, something changed with mine and running’s long term tepid relationship.

As I was spending all of my energy on chores last Friday, taking clothes to the laundromat, sweeping floors, washing dishes, putting clean (and warm!) sheets on my bed, I got the notion to stop working so hard and go do something I enjoy: Exercise.

The Fall season is just arriving here in north Florida, the humidity levels are down, and the temperatures are dropping (not to my liking, I might add!), so it was a good evening to get outside of the house. I dawned my workout clothes, grabbed the iPod, and went a couple blocks away to Lake Ella, which has a nice paved sidewalk all the way around it that totals 6/10 of a mile per lap.

Lake Ella at Dusk

I started out with an easy walk. Although I’m an avid cyclist, I haven’t deliberately gone for a run in years, so I didn’t want to just take off running right out of the gate and injure myself. That might result in me not being able to go on a bike ride, and that simply cannot happen. I need my bike rides. Got to have priorities in this world people, even when it comes to exercise.

So I started walking. The cool thing about Lake Ella is that there are always a lot of people there to ogle. That makes walking around and around the lake a lot less monotonous. Pretty soon I got good and warmed up, iPod playing in my ears, and I started to become aware of people passing me.

Now, perhaps I was a race horse in a former life, but the competitive nature in me was starting to get antsy. I’m a cyclist. I can pedal 33 miles in less than two hours on the St. Marks Trail. I’ve completed the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City. I’ve done the MS150 from Miami to Key Largo and back three times. Surely I can pick it up enough to keep up with everyone else, right?


For the record, running is not cycling. It uses a completely different set of muscles, many of which I’ve learned that I’ve been neglecting for too long. Now, I’m no Calvin Klein underwear model or a perfect 10 on the “OMG he’s dead sexy!” meter (I’m a humble 9.5), but some of the folks that were passing me as I was jogging like a pirate with two peg legs looked to be much heavier and not in near as good of shape as I am in. This ties back to the start of this post, about how running makes me jealous by playing so well with others. How do they do it, keep up the pace, and make it look so easy?

I still don’t have an answer to that multifaceted question. But I do know that I had a fantastic time dragging my limping carcass around Lake Ella for 5K last Friday evening. So much so that I did it again on Monday. And I vow to continue to push through the pain of running, and find that common ground where running and I can coexist without arguing so much, and hopefully one day the two of us will inspire enough jealousy in others for them to want to push through the pain too.


  1. I only run if chased and that’s only when I have a chance to get away! I mean, if its a tiger or something I won’t even run, I’ll just lie down and give up. No use being dead and out of breath! oh wait?

    Thanks for the awesome No D-Day post!

  2. As one who plays often with running (she’s my chum right now!), I have a suggestion: walk more. You may not like it, but if you are dragging your carcass along the trail, then you’re just setting yourself up for misery (both during the run and afterwards when you wind up injuring yourself!) I *always* have to ease into runs with walk breaks, and when I go on long runs, I stop and walk every 5-10 minutes. I did this when I started out running, too. People pass me, but pfft. I think to myself, “Bitches, I’ll be the one laughing when I’m 75 and still running marathons because I haven’t completely messed up my lower body.”

    So that’s how to make it look easy: GO easy. 🙂

  3. This was so enjoyable to read. Good for you for not giving up even though it was harder than you would have liked. I don’t think I would be so committed. I do want to get back on my bike though now that the kids are all in school. We shall see. I’m not too excited about the colder days up here in CT.

    Thanks for sharing your story in such a witty way. I look forward to reading more. 🙂

  4. You are brave. I’m nervous about getting back on a bike, much less running. The lake paths here in FL make me excited to get back in shape now that fall is here.

    Thanks for posting!

  5. Ur so funny. It’s all about the music. It’s very much a mind game. The body can do it-its the mind that wants to stop. Try picking a visual spot and run to it. Next time around go further. Before u know it u’ll be running the whole thing. I LOVE RUNNING! U can also do intervals with it to. Run,walk,run,walk.–thats how most runners start. U’ve got this!!!

  6. Dude for the love of me, I would not run to save my life, I have however done all kinds of rides on my bike,century rides,whole weekend rides you name it.
    I just cant get the motivation to keep running for more than a few minutes even though I know I have the endurance and stamina, I cant explain it, its just not in me..
    Kudos for trying something new but I would rather jump out of a perfectly good airplane or something….lol

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